Scream 5 Movie

Scream 5 MovieIt seems that there will be Scream 5 movie. We don't know yet too much about Scream 5 but we know for sure the will be at least Scream 5. Filming Scream 4 has been completed, and manufacturers, aware that there are "only" seven months before the premiere, promoting horror awaited first picture. The fact that the shootings were done just the other day could be an explanation as to why the studios let something slip through the veil of secrecy surrounding the project.

In the picture you can see Courteney Cox, for the fourth time in the role of Gale Weathers, chased by the killer ghost hay. Or Ghostface. Something tells us, however, that it did not catch her( :D there will be Scream 5 ...).

From April 2011 Scream 4 will give you chills and cinema, but until then you will need to be satisfied with new images (while Neve Campbell in the role of Sidney Prescott?) And in a few months, a trailer.

Wes Craven returned to helm the series, and the success of Scream 4, whose budget amounts to 40 million dollars, depend on any continuation.

Lindsay Lohan who has been cast for both Scream 4 & 5 in a still unknown role told Bloody Disgusting that the storyline in Scream 5 will see a Zodiac theme as the return killer will leave a note at every murder to leave clues at his and the other killer who appears in both 4 & 5’s identity...

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